We see no opinion in cursing around the Bush-despite government and internet providers ‘best energies, moving music, movies, and audiovisual games through torrenting is still very respected. Torrenting is where many users share little bits of a larger file with each other to allow some download speeds that are potentially very fast. And the rise in torrenting also meant an increase in VPN download popularity.

Torrent websites are packed with stuff everyday users need and want. Whether it’s movies, songs, TV shows, software, games, you name it, and on a torrent website, you can find it. All you need to do is download a torrent client and download the file torrent. Download the file to your system.

But the crying need for privacy and anonymity in today’s world. Privacy and torrent anonymity? You’re betting! Nobody can see what you are downloading through the torrent client without any protection. This includes your ISP and law enforcement. That’s why you need a Torrent VPN.

How to select the best torrenting VPN?

Because not every VPN ropes torrent downloading, so when option one out, you need to be careful – this is clearly your primary unease when selecting a client for this. Download speeds, as well as privacy and security, are also important.


You should look for a VPN with a clearly defined privacy policy and one that has a guarantee of no logging.’ You want the best probable security with tough encryption (although any refined VPN worth its salt should offer that, anyway), and a VPN that is firm from DNS leaks and has a kill button (which shuts down the internet connection if the VPN fails to depiction your real IP).

How to set up torrent VPN?

Setting up a torrent is quite easy and handy. You just need to follow some steps and you are good to go:


Step 1. Drive to “Options” and select “Preferences” in the µTorrent/BitTorrent menu.

Step 2. Patterned the following:

  1. Allow UPnP port mapping
  2. Allow NAT-PMP port mapping
  3. Enhance Windows Firewall exception

Step 3. Click on “Random port” switch and make sure you obtain a port over 13000!


Step 4. Choose “(none)“, below Proxy server.

Step 5. Click “Ok” option, and your torrent client is organized to use our P2P VPN servers.


Step 6. Finally start downloading torrents through the P2P VPN servers, nameless and secure, once this is done. Love!

Step 7. Recognized Fact: The speed will not be as high as your unique ISP speed, it will be reduced due to some factors.


Step 8. *Reference*: Exit your P2P client (µTorrent/BitTorrent in this case), after you surface transferring your torrent.

Step 9. Separate the torrent VPN server only afterward you have shut the P2P client (µTorrent/BitTorrent in this situation).



Wherever you’re these days, Torrent VPNs are a must. They help you anonymously and securely download torrents. Although free VPNs and SOCKS5 proxies may sometimes help you, they are never a permanent solution. You may not be charged with free VPNs, but they are unreliable and may even share your personal data with third parties, making the situation worse for you. So make sure you’re using a torrent VPN anywhere in the world for safe and carefree torrenting.